Friday, August 2, 2013

How to Prevent Flat Tires on Mountain Bikes and Trail Bikes

Are you Living Under a Rock?

Stop Flats and Save Time, Money, Irritation, Loneliness, and Embarrassment 

It is waaaay past time for the excuse making to end!  Wasting precious daylight on fixing a flat is just not acceptable any more.  Technology has solved many troublesome aspects of life in this world.  Flat tires on mountain bikes is one of them.

You can claim that you've been under a rock for the last 30 years, or that you are the current remake of Rip Van Winkle, but I'm not sure such lame offerings are gonna fly in 2013.  Tire liners first came to market in 1980.  Were you even born in 1980.  Like, this was even before smart phones.  Oh.  It was before the internet (1994).  Hmmm.  It was before the Apple II C (1982) that changed everything.  In fact, this solution predates Mountain Bikes. 

Are you getting my drift.  You need to get with the times.  In 2011, a new tire liner hit the bicycle market that was shown to be EVEN MORE effective than the ones that started it all back in the previous century.  RhinoDillos get their name from . . . get it!   That's because labs have proven they are better.  In fact, bike shop owners and consumers agree they are better.  Do a search and see the reviews.

So, you can continue to embarrass yourself, risk fumbling away perfectly good trail mates, and spend endless amounts of money on inner tubes, OR you can join the 21st Century and install a pair or RhinoDillos in your mountain bikes or trail bikes.  In case you also ride road or BMX, there are sizes of RhinoDillos for those, also.  Beach cruiser, city bike, comfort bike, cyclecross, 29er?  Yep. 

Where do you get a pair of RhinoDillos?  Your local bike shop.  Here is a link to a dealer locator.

What if your favorite shop doesn't carry RhinoDillos?  Do them a big favor and let them place an order for you with their distributor.  Then suggest that all of their customers may not be as nice as you, and might go buy there RhinoDillos at another shop.

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